NFL Coaches: Fired & Hired

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October 16, 2012 by shivusharma

NFL Coaches on the Way out and on the Way in

Week 6 was marred by poor coaching decisions all-around. Norv Turner (with the help of Philip Rivers) orchestrated the collapse of a 24 point lead. Andy Reid somehow thought it was cool to let Calvin Johnson be open in the 4th quarter of a close game. And Jason Garret still hasn’t figured out what that big clock on scoreboard counting backwards from 15:00 is. By the end of this year we will see some major coaching changes, so it’s time to examine which coaches are on the hot seat and which coaches will be filling job vacancies.

Seriously On the Way Out

  1. Andy Reid | Philadelphia Eagles – With all the talent on this roster, it is shocking that the Eagles are not atop their division. Coming into the past two seasons with so much hype, Andy “the walrus” Reid needs to get the most out of this roster, or else he is on the way out. The Eagles’ owner has already come out and said that if the team has another disappointing season many changes will have to be made. Those changes start with Andy Reid and his coaching staff.
  2. Jason Garrett | Dallas Cowboys – Another team loaded with talent that isn’t playing up to its potential. All signs point to the fact that Jason Garret may not be a quality head coach. He knows how to create an offensive game plan, but seems to be terrible at clock-management. The ups and downs of his team point to him being a poor leader of men as well.
  3. Norv Turner | San Diego Chargers – Part of this is Phillip Rivers’ fault too. He kind of just sucks now. Norv is still a huge liability on the sidelines. For years he has kind of been the default “great offensive coordinator who you’d have to overpay to get, so you might as well make him a head coach” guy. There have been too many cock-teasing seasons for Chargers fans under the Norv regime, so if he is unable to get the job done this time, you can expect a coaching change in 2013.

Could Be On the Way Out

  1. Chan Gailey | Buffalo Bills – They spent tons of money fortifying their defense and have got nothing out of it. The Bills were a pre-season sleeper in the AFC East, and have so far been mediocre at best.
  2. Mike Munchak | Tennessee Titans – The Titans really haven’t made any great signings or drafted that well, so you can’t blame Munchak for that. However, the dude is a hall of fame offensive lineman, coaching a team with perhaps the worst offensive line in football. That is inexcusable. Look at how poor Chris Johnson’s past two seasons have been. Much of that falls on the shoulders of Munchak.
  3. Jim Schwartz | Detroit Lions – In Tennessee, Schwartz built his defenses around great defensive line play. The Lions invested heavily in the trenches, by drafting Suh and Fairley, but still are substandard at pressuring passers and stopping the run. Schwartz will probably keep his job for another year or so, but the time to make a coaching change is sooner rather than later.

Coaches On the Way Back In

  1. Jon Gruden | ESPN Monday Night Football – The rise of Chucky is just on the horizon. Gruden has been biding his time on MNF, flowering every team with positive comments, every chance he  ets. It’s kind  f disgusting. I almost never hear him say something bad. Gruden still has a great reputation in the NFL for his success with the Raiders and Buccaneers. I see him taking the Cowboys or Chargers job when they become available. Perhaps Gruden is waiting for the Chargers to move to Los Angeles before jumping back into the NFL Ranks.
  2. Bill Cowher | CBS Sports – Cowher is another Super Bowl winning coach, keeping his clipboard-hand strong on TV. Cowher is known for his defensive prowess and intensity. In his last 7 years coaching, the Steelers defense was never ranked lower than 9th. I could see Cowher taking over either the Cowboys or Chargers jobs as well. Both teams have talented defensive players, and already run the 3-4, which will make the coaching change much smoother.
  3. Brian Billick | NFL Network – It’s strange to me that Billick’s name doesn’t come up more often in coaching searches. I guess he has the reputation of being kind of a dick, but sometimes undisciplined teams need that kick in the butt. As a Head Coach, Billick led the Ravens to their 1st Super Bowl in 2000 with the original “game manager”, Trent Dilfer, at QB. Those Ravens teams were known for their elite defense, a good portion of which was due to Billick’s coaching. Billick also orchestrated some of the most prolific offenses in Minnesota, as offensive coordinator of the Vikings. Remember how dominant the ’98 Vikings with Randy Moss, Cris Carter, Robert Smith, and Randall Cunningham were? A team like the Lions who have talent on both sides of the ball, but are wildly mismanaged and undisciplined, should take a long look at Billick. I think he could turn them around.

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