If I’m wrong, please tell me why

March 24, 2013 by shivusharma

By Adam Greenwood

let me make this case:

the way that each individual season ends is the onus of both players and coach. if a team has a shitty game in the tournament- then it is okay to blame players.

the way that a series of seasons ends is ALL on the coach. Evidence time.

Bo has had 12 seasons with the badgers.
The good:
-Made the tourney all 12 seasons
-In the top 4 of the conference every year
-Three times 1st in the Big 10
-Record of 291-112 (.722)

The Bad:
-Two 1st round Exits
-Five 2nd round Exits
-Four Sweet Sixteen
-One Elite Eight appearance..
-Zero Final 4, etc.

Tom Izzo:
-Two NIT appearances (his first two years)
-Two 1st round
-Two 2nd round
-Three Sweet Sixteen
-One Elite Eight
-Four Final Fours (just rolls of the tongue)
-One Runner Up
-Once Champion

You may want to say that I can’t compare those two. “I would argue” that I can. Izzo’s record/winning percentage is WORSE than Bo Ryan‘s (Izzo- .715, Bo- .722). Izzo has finished in the conference 7th (twice), 6th (twice), and 5th, while Bo has never left the top 4.

It’s comfortable sometimes to count success as relative to the past. I.e. The badgers were traditionally a pretty bad team. I get that, though I never really lived through/remember any of it. But if we’re going to measure success as relative to the past, we need to measure his current “success” with his own past. Bo’s best finish was the Elite 8 in 2004-2005. It looks pretty stale as a milestone. I think we need to be honest with ourselves. Bo is a really good D3 coach who found a job doing exactly the same thing with slightly better talent at the D1 level. It may not even be better talent. They might just be taller. Should Bo feel comfortable? I don’t think so. I want him to think that he needs to change something. And if you want to blame the team- let’s wait til there is a star (a la Devin Harris) before we put blame on kids that are just out matched every year. That’s all I have to say about that.

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